I’m a middle-aged woman who worked for a Fortune 500 computer company when they released their first personal computer. While many my age regard computers as evil, I view them and the internet with great respect for the wealth of communication and information we now have today.

I have a son who joined Facebook when he started college (when it first began as a college network system). I have become somewhat of a guinea pig for games he needs more “friends” for to get to a higher level. This is normal for us as we played CircleMUD together in his youth on a local BBS. In fact, he knew most of his spelling words before he had to learn them in Elementary School due to having to type in commands while playing CircleMUD.

As a gamer, I require more than the “point and click” traditional game. I like games that require a good understanding of the game and reward a good game strategy while still allowing the casual player to enjoy it without knowing all the nuts and bolts.

I respect and enjoy playing with those who play a game to the limits of it’s capacity without hacking the Java Script as a game cheat and greatly appreciate people’s creative expression and flair for artistry in games that require creating an environment of your own, such as Restaurant City, FarmTown and FarmVille.

I will mainly be writing about Restaurant City.  Every now and then you might hear Mafia Wars, FarmVille, FarmTown or Treasure Madness mentioned.