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WARNING: There are spoilers for the Morbent Fel Quest below.  If you don’t want to know where he is, don’t read any of the text between the red “SPOILERS” indicators.  I’ve been looking for Morbent Fel for three frickin’ days. Seriously. According to the map, he’s supposed to be in his house on Forlorn Rowe, but when you go there all that’s left is a hat I used in the previous quest. (NOTE: Some web sites claim he is still in his house surrounded by three bodyguards. Yes, the guards are still there, but Morbent Fel is not.)  After looking at several different resources online, I had even LESS of an idea where this guy was.  All the pictures I could find of him showed him in front of beds. The house had no beds.

The guild I joined was no help.  Someone offered to help me find him one day, but they wound up forgetting about me (life as a low level player) and then they logged off.  I asked a question on guild chat a few times during different periods when I was in the game and the one person that responded said they didn’t know anything about him.  Oddly enough a couple of hours later as I watched guild chat go flying by, I noticed a level 12 player talking about how thankful they were these other people in the guild let them tag along so they could learn.  Even though I’ve only been playing since Sunday (six days ago) I still have many, many questions.  No one in the guild ever asked me if I’d like to tag along.  Including the very nice person who recruited me.  This was a bad sign of things to come.

A couple of days ago I posted a question in the guild forum about deciding how to choose a guild.  I was told the reason people randomly ask players to join their guilds is because everything you do generates money for their guild and if they are not maxed out for quest experience points you contribute to that balance as well if you are doing quests.  In my case, not knowing anyone else who plays WoW I had to make a decision whether it was worth staying in a guild that was unhelpful as this one was beginning to seem or leave and wait until I was of more use to someone as a high level character.  I opted on the latter and left the guild I had just joined.

Had I known guild requests were all about what you could give the guild, I would never have joined one to begin with.  Sure, there are some benefits (extra spells, movement of character, discounts at stores), but they pretty much are offset by what your playing gives to the guild.  If you are new to the game, I recommend waiting until you are level 85 or higher to consider joining a guild unless it’s a group of friends from real life.  The WoW forums have one area specific to discussion about guilds – who’s looking for guild members, who’s looking for a guild.  You can look through the ads of people who are looking to add players to their guild and ask questions.  Some of the guilds are very competitive so if you’re not going to be playing WoW every hour of the day that you’re not at work, you might want to shy away from them (I read one notice that said if you weren’t producing up to quota, they’d kick you out). Also, be sure the guild you are interested in is on your server.  If not, you wind up having to pay $25 to get your character switched over.

Back to Morbent Fel. Since I’m a new graphic RPG player, I was very focused on following directions.  No matter how many times I stood on top of the quest indicator, Morbent Fel would not appear.  I kept reading the quest again and again.  It spoke of catacombs, but I had been in the catacombs (the part that wouldn’t end my life endlessly) and he was not there. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m really not afraid of dying. I do it with some regularity in places with a lot of aggressive NPCs (such as Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood where the Morbent Fel quest takes place). I had my special Morbent Fel buster (some object received in the quest line to take away his special mage powers) to use as soon as I found him.

[SPOILERS] The reason I couldn’t find Morbent Fel is because he’s located in a connecting catacomb that will kick your rear end!  At least at Level 27 being a human priest.  How did I finally find him, even though I had been in that catacomb in spirit form (after being killed, having not picked up my corpse yet) and not seen him there?  I started at the catacomb I could survive, went all the way to the end where the little tunnel is, went to the end of the tunnel and peered very carefully into the larger catacomb area.  Someone had gone through there already and killed the aggressive NPCs.  The bigger guys at their tables were staying still. Don’t get me wrong, there was still one aggressive big guy standing next to Morbent Fel who dispensed with my living body very quickly (with one hit – I must not have had my power shield on), but someone must have killed him while I was running back to get my corpse from the area.  All that was left standing once the body was retrieved and I was alive again was Morbent Fel.  I shielded up, used the Morbent Fel quest thingy that took away his power and went to town on him.  He wasn’t very hard to kill once there weren’t a bunch of other NPCs trying to kill me at the same time. He has about the same number of hit points the jerk who walks around Raven Hill Cemetery with a big sword ( Mor’Ladim) does.   Mor’Ladim loves to be part of a gang banger.  If two or three NPCs from Raven Hill gang up on you, Mor’Ladim senses it and comes running! [END SPOILERS]

I have to laugh about the whole armor thing in this game.  I’m not a big clothes person.  I buy my stuff from the Walmart and after wearing it a couple of years it falls apart and I have to go back to the Walmart and get new clothes.  I don’t care whether they’re stylish.  All I care about is whether I want to run screaming when I see myself in the mirror (not a ruffles person).

I think about that when I log into WoW every day.  I’m not the kind of person who believes in shoulder pads, but they are VERY good armor so I’ll keep these funky squares shooting off of my shoulders for now.  I waited a long time to find something to put on my shoulder area.  I still have head, neck and trinket spots to equip now.

I’m going to see if there are any WoW meetings in my area so I can find people that might be able to give me tips on the interface and controls and the like.  There’s so much about graphic RPGs I don’t know about, so I’ve got a lot of area to catch up on.  I haven’t done anything but quests this week and it seems like there are a lot of other things to do.

For now, I’m going to bask in the glow of completing the Morbent Fel quest.  It was bugging me for a LONG time and I couldn’t find ANY web sites through the search engines that actually had information about how to find the little brat.  I don’t know if I couldn’t find him while I was in spirit because he WAS a quest NPC or whether someone had just killed him before I died.  I just know I had looked at that exact location when I was in spirit, but he wasn’t there.  It was great finally completing that quest. Now if I could only complete the one where the prisoners of war are without dying a million times. LOL!

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