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There are only 2 months left before Blizzard/World of Warcraft (WoW) releases the Legion expansion pack (expac).  While many subscribers left a few months after the release of Warlords of Draenor, there was a core group of gamers that stuck with World of Warcraft for social connections and RPG opportunities. World of Warcraft is our “relaxation” home. It’s that special time we have after the dinner dishes are washed and the kids are in bed. We can talk to our friends and family while we play and are right there at home if an emergency pops up or someone wakes from a nightmare.

That being said, there is a very special time in the expac release cycle when you can get a lot done relatively easily.  It’s the time loyal players finally feel like Blizzard cares about the fact they didn’t leave when the rest of the players got bored.  These are the golden days where you have time to play your alts, catch up on achievements and do everything you can to prepare yourself for new content.

 photo Game Token - 500px_zps4bmjgrhx.png

I was surprised at a comment someone made on a YouTube video regarding the cost to play the game (one of the actors used the word “extortion” in the video). In fact, the game can be played for free by purchasing a game-time token for in-game gold. The person in question was taken aback that I said you could get the gold in game to cover the token in a day, or a week if you didn’t want to spend all day doing it.  Not only do I think it could be done if you’re an extremely focused person, but I am going to share some information about what those of us who stayed the entire time were able to enjoy.

 photo Lunarfall Inn - Level 3_zpsy937luzc.png

First and foremost, the mission tables (both regular and shipyard) have special treasure opportunities if you have a Level 3 Lunarfall Inn/Shipyard in your garrison.  Once you have a Level 3 Inn, you’ll receive the Blingtron missions.

 photo Treasure Hunter_zpsylqwatuu.png

The Inn also gives you the opportunity to determine your follower’s traits. As you can see Treasure Hunter is the golden ticket. While they may take a little longer to level up, you are ensured extra gold on any mission they participate in.  Once you make all your followers Treasure Hunters, it turns your Blingtron Missions into something very special (there is also an opportunity to purchase a re-roll token from your garrison quartermaster for those followers gained through quests, dungeons and raids).

 photo Blingtrons Vault - 2nd Screen - 500px_zpsjdasn2qk.png

Blingtron + 3 Treasure Hunters = 4,000 Gold

No doubt, you’ve read about the Blingtron missions. Like everything else, however, it’s an RNG decision. Some weeks you might get them on multiple alts on multiple days, some weeks you won’t see them at all. There are similar missions in the shipyard table, usually worth 750 gold. While the shipyard table is a little harder to balance with crews who will double your treasure and crews that will give you free ship parts, it is still possible to make large amounts of money from ship missions. Just make sure you can afford the ship parts that will give you the highest eligible percentage chance to complete your gold missions.

 photo Savage Satchel of Cooperation Again - 500px_zps93vwn35e.png

Not just for tanks and healers any more!

Another end-expac unused gem is Looking For Raid (LFR).  You may shirk away from ANYTHING that remotely resembles LFR, I know most serious raiders do. This is probably why the Savage Satchels are now giving out 500+ gold for doing a single LFR wing (trust me, you’ll earn every 500 of those gold pieces putting up with people).

On top of the 154 gold and variable valor seen above (75 Valor for High Maul and Blackrock Foundry raid wings, 150 Valor for HFC raid wings), the 500+ gold Savage Satchels are probably one of the MOST productive uses of your gold collecting time.  Yes, you’ll be dragged through each boss in out of control zerg style and you may want to throw something at a wall at some point, but if you are one of the people who prefer to earn their game time instead of paying out cash, this is a good way to do it. You not only get valor you can use to upgrade your main and your alt’s gear, but the percentage drop rate for tomes is higher in LFR if you’re still working on your legendary ring.

 photo LFR - List of WoD Raid Wings_zpsevg4rqbn.png

How Many Can You Get? All 12 If The Timing Is Right.

You can do Savage Satchel raid wings MORE than one time per evening/week. The amount of gold to complete the wing is lower, but your 500+ satchel gold and all the other goodies a satchel holds (account bound baleful trinkets and runes) are still there. With 12 LFR raid wings available, you’ll make a conservative 7800 in gold alone for one complete run through raids if you can find satchels for each wing. If you have no need for the baleful tokens, you can convert them into gear and sell them to your garrison vendors. It only took my hunter one evening of play to run through all 12 one time (yes, I said hunter as in DPS).

 photo Satchels A Second Time - 500px_zpsxqxhahon.png

The yellow triangle indicates you’ve already run this raid wing for the week.

These are the types of opportunities you get at the end of an expac. While many other players moved on to another game after getting one character to level 100, the rest of us took advantage of the opportunities to make gold for the things we’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford. While I don’t have a millionaire’s gold balance (I can’t play as much as someone with a healthier physical constitution), I have been able to use my extra gold to buy some battle pets and help others in our raid group and my guild here and there.

Blizzard has already let us know the mission tables will be nerfed into oblivion to keep people from staying in their garrisons (don’t care – at the end of the day it’s my REAL home and that’s where I’ll be logging out). Who knows if satchels will even be offered in Legion?

 photo Blood of Sargeras_zpslqj0gkui.png

Your gathering alts are now useless.

Professions will be much harder to process. Craftable gear will require rep grinds. Gear upgrade reagents like the Blood of Sargeras will be Bind on Pickup (BoP), making your gathering alts useless as they won’t be able to trade what they’ve gathered with anyone. (I don’t have a Beta Key, but this is what I’ve been told – BTW if you have a Beta Key you don’t have time to use, please let me know! I’m dying to get into the Beta Server to start making notes and my contest luck has been about as bad as my Hearthstone RNG luck.)

Let’s enjoy these last days of Warlords of Draenor and the easy gold they offer while they are still here to be enjoyed. 🙂

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